Bilingual family music

We invite children of up to 6 years and their parents or guardians to come sing with us in English and German!

Our 30-minute classes are jointly run by an English native speaker and a German native speaker, who each speak their native language and make the classes bilingual in a natural manner. Our classes involve singing songs in both English and German, using simple instruments and dancing. In addition to making music and playing games,we will also sing traditional folk and children’s songs from both cultures, some of which you may want to take home and sing as a family.

We will explore two different cultures in a musical and artistic context, focussing on making music and discovering commonalities in a low-stress, cheerful environment. Your children will hear the sounds and rhythms of both the German and English language.

This music circle is aimed at all families. Wherever you are from, you are welcome to come and sing with us! We look forward to meeting you and making music with you and your families.

The classes are run jointly by Britta Robyn and Rosie Land.


Class information:           

When:                       Thursdays 5 – 5.30 pm, January 28 – February 18

Cost:                         32 euros per family for 4 x 30 minutes, or 12 euros per family for a single session

Place:                       online

How to sign up:   Please drop us a line at


Over the winter, our in-person classes will pause due to the coronavirus pandemic. We expect to be able to re-start our classes in Familienzentrum Menschenskinder in Berlin-Friedrichshain in the spring of this year. These classes will most probably take place on Monday afternoons. If you would like us to invite you to our next in-person course in Familienzentrum Menschenskinder, please drop us a line and we are more than happy to do so.