Our groups

Our groups – like the individual lessons – do not follow an externally prescribed curriculum, but each group makes its own plan. At the beginning, we talk about the wishes and goals of all participants and then build our course content on this. In order to make this work, we only run very small groups of three to five participants.

If you would like to join one of our groups, the first step is a one-to-one meeting. Together we look at what your goals are and what you already bring with you. Then we consider whether there is already a suitable group. If so, you can first book a single lesson to get to know the group. If the group turns out to be suitable, you can register with a contract. If we cannot offer a suitable group, you are welcome to start with individual lessons first until we have found more participants.

Our courses are ongoing and it is possible to cancel the contract with two weeks’ notice at the end of each month.

Some of our courses are aimed at women, other groups are also open to men.