Our approach

069Our approach to teaching is student-centred, holistic and professional.

It is student-centered because we teach in small groups (with a maximum of five students) and do not rigidly follow any particular textbook but tailor our lessons to meet the individual aims and requirements of our students. We also try to make our lessons as interactive as possible. If you join a course with us, then the first step will be for us to find out together which topics, content and focus are important for you. There is no fixed curriculum. Instead, we will plan the lessons for each group together. We will try and make lessons as interactive as possible and we will keep the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in mind, so that it would be possible to continue studying with another teacher or language school at a later point.

We will try and take into consideration the ways in which different people can best learn a language. When we teach older students, we are aware of the great advantage that they bring, that is, their life experience. We welcome students of all ages and we have taught people between 16 and 80 years of age.

It is holistic because we try and involve not only the mind, but also our intuition, emotion, ears and eyes. During our work, we might include the use of role-play, images, rhythm and music. We may listen to songs that contain the grammatical structures we are working with, before we talk about the rules and use the grammar in converstaion. We may work with rhythm if it turns out that you find particular words or structures difficult to memorise, or we might use music to relax while listening to verb forms. The exact content of the lessons will be geared around your needs and goals.

It is professional because all our teachers are qualified and experienced. Most of our teachers also have experience in other careers such as music therapy. Our teachers take the findings of research on brain and learning into account. They know different possible ways of working, so lessons can meet your needs as much as possible.